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FormTGP is a freeware form-filling TGP submitter. Please visit the current official FormTGP product page for more information and downloads.

FormTGP features:

Submission by e-mail.
Based on Microsoft® Internet Explorer© ActiveX core. Just check the forms and press the Submit button!
Supports standard AddTGP databases.
Includes easy-to-use TGP/LL database editor (TGPWiz 3.0). *
Automatically checks user's actions for compliance with TGP/LL rules. *
Able to create mirror pages, define templates of their content and names. *
Automatically detects if a submit form was changed. *
Contains 1000+ TGPs in databases, frequent (and free of charge) updates.
Contains intellectual content categorization engine, that allows posting a gallery into appropriate category, so you need to pinpoint a wanted category for a gallery only once.
Able to check if your gallery was published on a TGP.
Capable of working through HTTP proxy.

Download the latest release (1.0) [6.3M]

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(All future software and database upgrades are provided for free).

AddTGP: fully automatical TGP submission software

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