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 AddTGP: software for submitting to tgp and link-lists

AddTGP is a freeware automatic TGP submitter. Please visit the current official AddTGP product page for more information and downloads.

AddTGP features:

Submission by e-mail.
Multithread submission. Set up to 100 concurrent threads and submit your galleries unbelievably fast!

Supports external encrypted TGP/LL databases. *
Includes easy-to-use TGP/LL database editor (TGPWiz 3.0). *
Automatically checks user's actions for compliance with TGP/LL rules. *
Able to create mirror pages, define templates of their content and names. *
Automatically detects if a submit form was changed. *
Contains 1000+ TGPs in databases, frequent (and free of charge) updates.
Able to walk around some TGP script's protection that constrains users to submit from their forms only.
Contains intellectual content categorization engine, that allows posting a gallery into appropriate category, so you need to pinpoint a wanted category for a gallery only once.
Able to check if your gallery was published on a TGP.
Capable of working through HTTP proxy.

* - the most recent feature

Download the latest release (3.6) [6.3M]

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(All future software and database upgrades are provided for free).

FormTGP: AddTGP-like form filling submission software

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