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 ActivePager: instant messenger for corporate LANs

ActivePager main windowActivePager is an instant messenger specially designed for convenient and operative communication over local area networks. Unlike corporate e-mail systems it delivers messages directly to the destination workstation in real-time, what avoids delays associated with routing and reading of messages.

Basic features of ActivePager
  • ActivePager detects recently connected computers automatically unlike other messengers, which requires manual configuration on every workstation where this program is installed.
  • You can add specific computer by remote name or IP address manually.
  • You may send a message to some people simultaneously, selected them or adding them into a group.

  • To save time, you may set and use phrases you typically use.

  • You can enable Answering Machine, which will reply all incoming messages.

  • All messages are delivered directly to recipient's computer.

  • You may set up the Blacklist to restrict access for messages sent by defined people or containing forbidden words and phrases.

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